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This is a big one. It is perhaps one of the most challenging topics to explore in the beauty industry today. There could be any number of reasons why we're currently dealing with congestion, irritation, inflammation and traditional acne.

It feels like we know more about these topics than ever before, and yet we still feel overwhelmed. We're still buying and trying an endless amount of skincare products - hoping to discover the ultimate cure. Brands continue to release magic potions and a slew of promises, but they don't seem to make a dent.

The truth is, living with acne - in any form - can be really hard.

It can affect our confidence, and cause us to feel unworthy. It can feel incredibly debilitating when the products we purchase don't seem to work. On top of that, we've crossed a threshold in the beauty industry where retailers have begun telling us that our acne is a sure sign of physical un-wellness. We're receiving the message loud and clear - that there's something fundamentally wrong with us, if we can't succeed in cultivating perfect skin.

This collection isn't a cure-all, nor will it ever be.

We're not promising perfect skin, because we don't believe perfect skin actually exists. As beauty pros, we've worked on hundreds of editorials, only to discover that every client we've ever met is plagued by some kind of physical insecurity - because we're human. Instead of perpetuating the narrative that perfection is achievable, we'd like to help our customers build confidence, cultivate self-acceptance, and discover products that make them feel good.