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If you're searching for the kind of brand who values the lost art of storytelling - Flores Boticario might just be your new favourite beauty destination.

We first learned about to this wholly thoughtful line of products through our mutual friend Sheri Stroh - a wonderfully talented and accomplished makeup artist based out of Toronto, Canada. She connected us with Ale (pronounced Aly) - who also a professionally-trained makeup artist - through Instagram, and the rest is history!

The first time we spoke to Ale on the phone, we immediately fell in love with her sense of passion. She exudes joy in the purest form. You can literally feel her laughter through the phone! There were a few products that stood out to us, and we decided to test them over the course of several months. Each of those initial products have made it into our launch collection, and we intend to grow our offering of this line into late summer.

Flores Boticario believes deeply in the artistic process. Art as the highest form of beauty - and we agree. In our opinion, expression is what's missing most in the beauty industry right now. We'd love to see more brands inspire change from a place of ingenuity and creativity, rather than dictating change by using fear from a marketing pedestal built on fake engagement.

If you're interested in following a beauty account on Instagram that is refreshingly creative and inspiring - we definitely recommend following Flores Boticario. You'll see beauty in a whole new light.

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