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When we first started putting together our launch collection, we decided to focus on our existing relationships. Having already established a strong foundation with certain brands from our previous work in the industry meant that we could get the ball rolling on sourcing products quickly.

Our second priority was to focus almost exclusively on featuring Canadian-based brands, because we're extremely proud of the beautiful, diverse country we call home. Drawing on the support of third party wholesalers like Locale Beauty allows us to test products without having to make any promises. In the case of this project, not having a personal bias towards a brand or a product can be particularly beneficial. It means we're able to test products with neutrality.

We first tested Pomade from Les Industries Groom, and we absolutely loved the thick, pliable texture, as well as the earthy scent. It provides a supple hold - increasing shine without drying out or flaking away.

Les Industries Groom is a company based out of Montreal Canada, and although they specialize in grooming products for men, we don't think any product in the beauty industry should require a specific gender designation. Les Industries Groom products are beautifully versatile, and refreshingly simple. In our opinion, they're made for everyone.

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