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Live Botanical is one of the true forces for good in our beauty community. Carolyn is a person of deep integrity and a highly-informed herbalist. Her ability to engage in a positive way is inspiring. She is by definition, an outsider, but then again so are we.

Live Botanical is based out of Portland, Oregon. For some reason, we attract a lot of spirits from the Pacific Northwest. We always feel deeply aligned, even when we don't agree on every topic. We value Carolyn's ability to converse without judgment, and her influence on our own craft in terms of formulation has been remarkable.

We've chosen a few foundational products from the Live Botanical line to purposely express ourselves. We're interested in exploring the shifting needs of consumers, and as a result - the increasingly complex decision-making process a conscious brand is required to navigate. Building a successful beauty company is about making choices, and no one is more transparent about the conflicts that can arise when it comes to making those choices, then Live Botanical. Carolyn is unwaveringly open in her process, and we can't wait to tell you more about her products.