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One of the biggest conflicts communicated by our customers is that of price point. There are varying opinions on this topic, and we aim to help brands, consumers and beauty professionals connect, to discuss them all in great detail.

Our personal position is that there should be affordable options when it comes to beauty products.

Not all beauty products need to come in below or above a certain price point, in order to be worthy.  After all, we believe choice is the new luxury.  As a side note, this course doesn't mean we're right... We accept and respect that not everyone is going to agree with us. There's nothing wrong with finding joy and satisfaction in an expensive face cream. Where this exercise falls short however, is when brands vilify more affordable options, creating the narrative that cheaper products automatically equal lower quality.

There is zero need for any brand to cut another one down in order to make their products appear more covetable. Legitimacy does not come with a large expense account and a story of superiority. Building a successful beauty brand is all about making choices, and we're interested in featuring brands who - regardless of their price point - are looking to innovate and meet consumers where they are.

Our point is, affordability is just as important as quality - and one doesn't have to exist without the other.