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The Balm Absolute

This concentrated, creamy balm is designed to bathe your skin in extreme amounts of moisture. The Balm Absolute uses emollient, organically-designated butters, as well as nourishing oils like Avocado Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil, and humectants like Hyaluronic Acid, that work together to protect and strengthen the skin barrier overtime. This balm is especially suited to those with compromised skin, or skin in need of some anti-inflammatory treatment.

When the skin barrier is compromised, it can become easily prone to irritation and vulnerable against exterior elements. This balm will act as a protective shield, while simultaneously working to improve chapped, dry areas. It is wonderfully multi-purpose... We recommend using it on your lips as a mask overnight, to soften and moisturize dry hands, and even as a hair cream to smooth the hair cuticle and tame flyaways.

This product is vegan and smells of unrefined cocoa butter, delivering a truly special sensory experience while you apply it. The fragrance dissipates quickly - leaving nothing but nourishment.