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Aer Balancing Whipped Oil

One of the most frustrating things about struggling with sensitive, acne-prone skin is maintaining balance. Sometimes, it can feel next to impossible to keep moisture and hydration levels in check while working to treat congestion.

This product is a bit of a hybrid. It starts out as a balm and quickly transforms into a lightweight oil, sinking into the skin almost immediately upon contact - making it a suitable moisturizer for those prone to oil-production, and if wearing a typical beauty oil has previously been a struggle.

Carolyn - the creator of Live Botanical - is one of the most knowledgeable herbalists in the industry. She sources various ingredients locally around her home in Portland, Oregon and engages in ethical wild-harvests of various plants and herbs as much as possible. More on this later...

Among a solid list of skin-loving ingredients, this whipped oil contains Blue Transy - widely championed for it's anti-inflammatory properties, as well as Babassu Oil - a relatively rich oil, which acts as an occlusive and works to protect the skin barrier throughout the day - helping the skin retain water.