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Detoxifying Body Bar

This body bar will no doubt become a dependable shower companion for the upcoming summer season. The formula is simple and refreshing - with organic peppermint oil acting as the main fragrance source. 

This body bar also contains charcoal, which is a form of carbon specifically treated at extremely high temperatures for increased absorbency. It will attach itself to oil and dirt - sitting either on the surface of your skin or inside your pores - and rinse it down the drain. Brown and Coconut has sourced activated charcoal made entirely from coconut shells for this particular formula, it really does leave the skin feeling clean and invigorated.

We love to use this body bar after a long workout, or on a really hot day. It lathers beautifully and works to cleanse the skin effectively. For more oily skin types, it works well as a facial cleanser when you really need a good clean.

We try not to use the word detox on this website, but we wholeheartedly respect that it's included in the name of this product, and we deeply appreciate Brown and Coconut as a brand. There is no concrete evidence to directly support activated charcoal as being an effective detoxifying agent for the skin. However, many experts of all backgrounds agree with the hypothesis that charcoal can be a powerful tool when it comes to drawing out dirt and neutralizing oil production, and we've personally benefited from using this ingredient first-hand.