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Fleur de Terre Skin Repair Balm

This nourishing balm is a big reason we came to learn about and love naturally-focused products in the first place. We originally met Carolyn - the creator of Live Botanical - through Instagram, and we immediately found ourselves aligned on a variety of topics. She sent us her Repair Balm and we fell in love with its powerful healing properties and multi-purpose use.

It might just be our favourite balm of all time.

Fleur De Terre means flowers of the earth, and Carolyn really does walk the walk when it comes to honouring her deep love and commitment to plants, as well as her practice as an herbalist. Carolyn's formulas are special because they are a direct extension of her humanity. She's devoted years to her craft and Repair Balm is a direct result of those efforts. It holds a long-standing position as being one of the best balms in the industry for good reason - and that shouldn't be lost on anyone.

"We source our raw, organic beeswax from a local beekeeper who focuses on pollinator stewardship practices by providing safety and diverse food sources. Their attentiveness for the bees ensure population growth and long term sustainability." - Live Botanical