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Hair Masque + Scalp Detox

It's the ultimate weekly indulgence - and a seriously dependable deep conditioning treatment - worthy of all hair types. Designed to moisturize the hair cuticle while simultaneously maintaining a healthy scalp environment, this creamy masque with natural butters and botanical extracts won't leave your hair feeling weighed down or your scalp irritated.

It delivers the perfect amount of hydration. We recommend using it once a week. However, if you've recently undergone a relatively drying colour or chemical process, it can be a great everyday option. Use it exclusively on the ends or all over for added moisture.

We try not to use the word detox on this website, but we wholeheartedly respect that it's included in the name of this product, and we deeply appreciate Voir Haircare as a brand. There is no concrete evidence to directly support the idea that the scalp can be effectively detoxed. However, we've personally benefited from using this product. We recommend it because it has proved to be an extremely effective deep conditioning treatment without irritating the scalp.