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Bridemaid's Blush Lip + Cheek Tint

Bridesmaid's Blush is one of the most versatile pinks in our makeup collection. When it comes to using the term versatile, we've taken our work seriously. One of the reasons we decided to launch The Beauty Archive as our first collaboration, is because we've been using these products since 2016 - both personally and professionally.

Each product from The Beauty Archive is unique. The finishes vary from cream to gloss to a gel-like texture - which is why we offer generous samples of each colour. Bridesmaid's Blush in particular is quite hydrating and creamy. It sinks into the skin without looking overly bright and/or chalky. You can build the opacity or wear it underneath your foundation as a cheek primer (more on this in a few weeks). We've tested this colour on as many skin tones as possible and we'll continue to do so... We've also given it to two makeup artists who specialize in bridal beauty and they've since adopted it as a dependable staple.

We love that these tints are approachable and incredibly wearable. They have soul. Use them anywhere on the face - or on the body, if that suits you - and feel good about an ingredients list that not only champions ethical sourcing practices, but also strong formula stability.

We know playing with colour when you're shopping for vegan beauty products can be a frustrating experience - especially when your focus is also on sustainability... Zandra offers a solution-oriented approach to product development. She possesses a healthy set of ethics, is constantly asking the right questions, and still insists on a personal approach to quality control by hand-pouring all her products.