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Effortless Lip + Cheek Tint

Effortless is a multi-purpose cream colour that looks unique on everyone. We've yet to use it on someone who hasn't fallen completely in love with it, and we promise to let you know if that ever happens! 

Zandra's formulas are refreshingly simple and ultra-stable. You won't experience the questionable smell of metal after only using these tints for a few months. They also happen to be ultra-moisturizing. We use the word moisturizing purposefully because Effortless contains oil-based emollient and ingredients to protect the skin from outside environmental stressors.

The finish of Effortless ranges from a pink-nude, to a warmer rosy-nude, to an almost-rust-coloured-nude, but always retains its integrity - in that it never looks grey or ashy. It glides on smoothly but doesn't feel too sticky or uncomfortable. When compared to Bridesmaid's Blush, the finish of Effortless is more cream than gloss. It wears more densely.

We love using it everywhere on the face, and especially on the eyes. Applied with your fingers or a precision brush, you're likely to experience two totally different finishes ranging from a casual semi-matte stain to a highly pigmented cream lipstick. Because these tints look so different on everyone, we knew we had to offer generous samples of each colour. We're working on a very special sample program for you, and we hope to have it launched as soon as possible.