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I Do Lip + Cheek Tint

Meet a true original. I Do was the first Lip + Cheek Tint that Zandra - owner and creator of The Beauty Archive - ever worked on. She created I Do for her own wedding day and the identity of The Beauty Archive followed suit.

Zandra is an incredibly kind and caring person. She values quality and consistency and in terms of business outlook, she's playing a slow game. You might wonder why we've chosen to comment on her character in this product description - it's because we think it's important. We've struggled with less-experienced aspects of indie beauty, but Zandra is a perfect example of just how rewarding it can be to work with smaller brands. We believe strength of character matters.

I Do is a creamy formula that delivers moisture and protection to the lips. It contains skin-loving ingredients with emollient properties like cocoa butter and castor oil - heavy enough to lock in moisture, but not overwhelming in terms of consistency and wear. It's a beautiful shade for bridal makeup and works perfectly as an everyday gloss. A delightful pink that can be sheered out for a more subtle approach. We've said this before in other descriptions, but we're always impressed with just how different these tints look on everyone. They each contain a unique composition of ingredients - which explains why they have different finishes.