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LBD & Red Lip + Cheek Tint

This might just be one of our favourite products of all time. The consistency of this colour is highly workable and surprisingly unique.

LDB + Red is a gel-like tint that can be layered from a barely-there stain to a bright poppy red lipstick. The feeling of this colour is vibrant and joyful - which makes it a great choice for the spring and summer months ahead. It melts into the skin on contact, and works well as a colour corrector on darker skin tones because it can temporarily stain (or neutralize) the skin without being too heavy. When it comes to colour correction in general, our goal is to neutralize the areas of the skin we wish to correct, without creating too much coverage.

LBD + Red works beautifully as a skin prep product if you're looking to neutralize blue, green and grey undertones in the skin - especially if you also experience dryness. It contains emollient ingredients like castor oil and cocoa butter - making it an extremely effective moisturizer.

We love building it into bright pops of colour. The first layer is somewhat transparent, but working it into the skin - layer by layer - creates a strong lasting finish. It is a highly-versatile product, which makes it perfect for travel as well as a strong staple in any professional makeup kit.