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Luna De Miel Hydrating Glow Serum

When we think about serums, we think about function. We long for is a well-formulated serum that packs a mighty punch - something workable and dependable.

For us, serums hold the capacity to target specific concerns while being light enough to wear underneath an emollient-based moisturizer, sunscreen and/or makeup. They should sink into the skin, allowing more layering to occur afterwards - without any pilling.Ā 

We love that this serum contains cholesterol and ceramides - two basic components found in the epidermis of healthy skin. Ceramides are lipid molecules that strengthen the moisture barrier. Without them, our protective layering can become compromised - leading to increased vulnerability against outside stressors. These ingredients work together - along with fatty acids - to build suppleness and resiliency. They are very important when it comes to skin barrier regeneration, and protecting our skin from transepidermal water loss.