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Soft Styling Foam

The idea of mousse or styling foam has long been overshadowed by other trendier styling products, but we've always maintained that foam is actually one of the best vehicles for creating lasting style. Make no mistake, this Soft Styling Foam by Voir Haircare is a complete powerhouse. We've been testing it for almost a year, putting it through the motions, and using it on as many hair-types as possible - from pin straight to super curly. It might just be the most dependable and versatile hairstyling product we've tried in years.

Soft Styling Foam was created without the use of aerosols, which makes this product more environmentally sound. The light foam coats each hair cuticle, delivering a uniform hold. Depending on why and how you're using it, this foam will not only build incredible volume, it will also smooth frizz, tame and structure curls, create the perfect lived-in base for beach waves, and help build what we like to call "meat" to the hair. Your style will last all day.