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Sophisticated Lip + Cheek Tint

Sophisticated is an approachable, refreshing take on the dramatic red lip. We've tested it on multiple skin tones and are continually impressed with just how usable and versatile this colour is - on everyone. You can wear it as a stain - the kind that lasts for hours - or build it into a powerful statement lip.

With skin-loving ingredients like cocoa butter and jojoba oil, this cream colour with dark cherry undertones works double duty. It moisturizes your lips while packing a colourful punch. In terms of consistency - this colour wears more like a gloss and gives the skin a subtle glow when used on the cheeks as a cream blush.

Don't be afraid of a little shine though, because Sophisticated looks insanely gorgeous on everyone - even if you tend to be prone to increased oil production. Even though this product acts as more of a gloss, the pigment wears incredibly well. It's also free of any compromising fragrance - as are all products from The Beauty Archive - so it won't irritate sensitive skin.

We're working on a generous sample program, so you can test Sophisticated before you decide to buy it. We'll let you know as soon as it's a go!